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The rate of appearance of high street Jordan Future Low low shoes once again usher in a new GS female color sale, this Jordan Future Low GS; "Joker" in black fabric, with white midsole and outsole Blue Crystal classic combination, purple lining and lace decoration, plus green the Jumpman Logo tongue ornament, in a sweet breath at the same time, also to show color Joker clown.Nike Swoosh Hunter is now officially selling 2016-02-29 14:27:49 abroad Nike Swoosh Hunter has taken the lead in overseas sales, shoes with rich futuristic shape design to attract people. Simple and smooth shape design, and Air Mag has a similar feeling. And leather materials also make the texture has been guaranteed, the rugged lines of the bottom, is the embodiment of fashion. It is reported that the shoes are priced at 250 dollars abroad, and there is no selling news in China. The interested friends may wish to pay close attention to it. 〈br yeezy="" boost="" 350="" v2="" artists="" to="" create="" "koi"="" theme="" customized="" version="" of="" 2017-01-17="" 11:49:35 YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 has now let Xiaobian dazzling, unfortunately only "looking figure thirst". Now this pair of large area embroidery design for this difference of broken shoes increased many art style, the artist Paulina Cie recently? Lewska from the eastern culture for good luck "Koi" inspiration, and hand-painted "gold and silver carp scales" pattern and the upper orange strokes combined color collocation details, not only complement each other, more embodies the perfect combination of eastern and Western culture, let a person shine at the moment! If you have YEEZY, in order not to hit your shoes, you might as well take out your paintbrush or sewing needle to design your coconut. Nike Air More Uptempo shines in this year, and in August there will be a GS exclusive color match with us. Color with white based colors, in AIR and Swoosh with navy blue toe, and in charge of Air Max air cushion and other details with orange red. As a whole, there is no lack of vitality, and friends like you can pay attention to it. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! into the pit just for the new people, the most headache or a variety of Vans jordan 3 katrina 2018 branch, shoes are often not clear, although there is a pair of Vans shoes in my heart, but I really can not say clearly what it is. What! Mody! Ghost! Today Vans lovers who can not know [start], we speak from the Vans famous shoe line. Vans Classics classic line Vans Classics classic line is the most common feeder for the entire Vans brand, which includes Slip-On, Authentic, Era, Sk8-Hi, Old Skool, Half Cab and Chukka Boot, a pair of shoes, no Vans Classics classic line of shoes, it was trendsetter? Common Vans classic extension Logo Vans California of California branch each American brand to its birthplace has a deep attachment, Vans California walking route in the end, use more sophisticated material materials, more stringent quality requirements, the higher the price, to bring the most pure California flavor. P.S.: California branch of the foot insoles is good! Vans California Logo Mark Vans Califorina shoe heel of the insole .Vans Surf surf line if you want to slide back first, then some indispensable in the story is California beach and surf the sport, 60s at the beginning of the end of 1950s, California is a big boy whim, will be transformed into a surfboard on land can "fly" from the board, only today's Vans. Vans Surf is absolutely not to be underestimated in recent years, it has been the main Vans in the summer, in the Vans Surf surf line, Vans is equipped with a super UltraCush Eco insole comfortable, foot behind UltraCush HD. And full of flavor of its beach shoes design, the weight of lightweight, breathable, is a summer of choice. Vans Surf Logo .Van Doren, founder of branchName: Van Doren, branch is the name Vans brand founder, Bo every April NBA playoffs started the day, although it is still in March, but the adidas for the upcoming April first heavy drama early ready, launched a pair of NBA to the playoffs as the theme of the basketball shoes Adidas Pro Madness. the Adidas Pro Madness pioneered the two colors of black and white, green and black and yellow. Two pairs of black as the main body of shoes, paired with bright white, green and yellow, not only to make people shine, after careful observation, people can also see from the color of the special meaning. The black and white green colors symbolize the green shirts, the Boston Celtics, the black and yellow matching of the purple, Losangeles, and cheap jordans the Lakers, and each of the two teams is a highly anticipated summit. So the Adidas Pro Madness was given a different meaning from the moment it was born. Because this is a pair of shoes launched specifically for the playoffs, the tongue on the "win or go home" also comes from the NBA playoffs in a famous slogan "win or go home", this sentence to show their confidence in the fight to win or die. Win the game or go home! Adidas Pro Madness of the shoe body is a large area of breathable mesh wrapped, so these shoes permeability certainly is self-evident, of course in breathable mesh below, we vaguely see the support Adidas Logo and one by one, although these support from the appearance is not so obvious but, when you wear this pair of shoes, the thin supporting bar is the key to your feet support and protection. At the end of the ventilation screen, the designer uses stronger leather to wrap the edges. This design makes the appearance more layered while also strengthening the important part and prolonging the life of the shoes. The shell toe head in addition to let us once again feel the breath of the classic Adidas, this design is to improve the protection performance of toe. The classic three stripe logo has been placed on the heel of the shoe, becoming a trend in Adidas basketball shoes, with three stripes on the heel position like three support bars that support and protect your ankle. In three the Adidas Pro Madness double stripe logo we found one of the above in the middle of the densely covered with dots, these dots a total of 64 from 1947 NBA for the first time playoff to now have 64 years of history, the dot is the witness of history. : this pair of shoes uses Formotion technology outsole, according to the principle of human engineering, in the foot support point implanted Formotion module, help adjust the landing angle, prevent ankle twist 〉 2012-8-30 09:15 upload download attachment (105.49, KB) Jordan 2012 Lite already sold the superhero series colors and an American team color in July, while Jordan Brand will continue to introduce 3 color schemes in the coming October. Before the 3 color cut vamp leather trim, were using general Flywire material, in red, navy blue and white, three shoes in common is the body of the shoe are collocation geometric patterns of black 3D effect, to bring the visual impact of low-key jordans on sale mens shoe out of the ordinary. The 3 colors will be on sale in October and will be sold at $150USD. 2012-8-30 09:15 upload and download attachments (106.34 KB) Nike; Air Trainer Max 91; black and white color matching. The Air Trainer Max 91 uses the exclusive black and white color of the famous American baseball and rugby player Bo Jackson, although it looks a bit simple, but does not affect its comfort. Nike LunarEclipse+ details preview Vans organize OTW series listing party activities review last article: Nike LunarEclipse+ detailed preview of the next article: Vans organized OTW series of public party activities quenching classic Nike ACG Wildwood appearance, and then draw Lunar Foam soles, Denmark trend representative brand Wood Wood, for the world presented a whole new style of Nike fit warfare shoes - LunarWood. The design of this pair of shoes is inspired by graffiti art and the night scene of the city, and a major achievement of this collaboration is the introduction of mountain climbing shoes to urban culture and life. As shown in the figure, the shoe is a black, with yellow spots in the bottom, and the deep blue dotted hook, with brilliant magnificent momentum of the perfect show its profound theme, set people thinking. This new product will be listed in the middle of December. Please click on the following exciting reports from NBA war king. For more details, please click on the following pictures. Source: Battle shoes Wang ; Danish Fashion representative; Wood; Wood; X; Nike; Kobe fans; definitely Nike; Zoom; Kobe; white and purple; color matching comments on last article: Danish Fashion representative Wood Wood x Nike next article: Kobe fans will definitely Nike, Zoom, Kobe, white purple colorHua Xu International Olympic equipment to Bucks & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; US WASHINGTON nowadays everywhere filled with the Christmas celebrations, but a relation to the fate of the NBA Quanzhou battle for resources has played in full swing. Following the December 16 "Anta rocket Three Musketeers" surfaced, three days after another Olympic sports brand in Quanzhou also eagerly held an exclusive press conference in cooperation with the Bucks. Milwaukee time at 10:00 on December 19th 2007, the Olympic and NBA Bucks (Yi where the team) jointly held a press conference the two sides exclusive strategic cooperation in the bradely center. Peak Group General Manager Xu Zhihua and Mr. Bucks general manager larry harris announced: from this season, the two sides will be officially launched exclusive, Olympic became the first Chinese sports brand cooperation with the NBA Milwaukee Bucks. Olympic goods landed the US market next year With Yi Jianlian to join, NBA Bucks degree of concern in China rising, China major companies are already gearing up for the Bucks enormous business opportunities to try it. The Peak is now undoubtedly come out on top. It is understood that, this time with Bucks Pick period of three years of cooperation, including cooperation in sending Chinese players go to the Bucks training, priority signing Bucks players, the United States organized the Chinese fans watching Wait. "We have a cooperation agreement with the Bucks exclusive, that the Bucks at home Chinese sports brand appears only one Olympic." Pick ?????? head of planning, he told reporters. The Bucks had just sounded in the Chinese market, the industry believes that, at this time, won the Olympic Bucks not only lower costs, but exclusive 3-year contract also effectively blocked by the threat of competitors. Under the agreement, entitled to priority signing Pick Bucks players, that is to say the possibility of Yi Jianlian return Olympic door is very large. If Yi Jianlian can really speak for the Pick, Pick it will undoubtedly become the biggest winner. According to general manager Xu Zhihua, Peak Group presentation, Peak next year will be strong into the US market, through cooperation with the United States, major sports chain stores, the Olympic brand sports shoes of the Chinese into the United States market. Anta Olympic Order NBA "Chinese flavor" thicker With the NBA popular in the Chinese market, NBA enormous business opportunities to become Olympic the focus of competition for Li Ning and Anta, Anta and Peak recently Youyi contest between the most intense. Late last year, the first to sign the Olympic Rockets star Shane Battier expanded marketing around quickly achieved great success. It is understood that sales developed Battier Olympic basketball shoes has exceeded 4 million pairs, which can not be said to be a miracle. Olympic success in the domestic sporting goods industry caused no small vibration. With the market opportunity, the successful introduction of this year Anta Rockets owner Leslie Alexander as a strategic investor, successfully landed on the NBA market. After , Anta and Olympic contest between the increasingly fierce. October 18 ANTA Rockets star Francis signed NBA Raiders took the first step. Anta awakening same order Pick uneasy, November 6, Pick spent heavily to become a strategic partner of NBA China market, carry out comprehensive cooperation with the NBA. Two days later, he signs ANTA Rockets star Luis Scola, a month later, "ANTA Rockets Three Musketeers" surfaced, and officially launched sharp CBA ANTA Star Training Camp. Chinese enterprises to cooperate with the NBA is from shallow into the deep. into the rocket from the original home of the Olympic advertising, have signed NBA players; to Peak became an official NBA marketing partner China, ANTA Rockets cut strategic partner, and now, the two sides at the same time the United States NBA Resources Both the introduction of Chinese basketball industry. Some critics say that this is not only a sporting goods business to grow and sports performance, but also will promote the development of Chinese basketball industry in large part to the international direction.forgive that is not willing to give up the day! In October 31, 2013, forgive the familiar home city! The United States, Philadelphia, forgive the man who has announced his retirement! Allen, Ai Fosen. Young dream, not old oath, we to you, only ai. 96 in the draft permeated with your charming smile, the VFL Jordan scored exudes a breath of the king, the true nature of the 2001 finals filling your hero, tears of sleepless in Philadelphia has made a few degrees of heart. for more than ten years of the career, a loyal character, to pursue a lifetime, you are lonely, because no one can truly understand the meaning of Iverson, the three words. You are strong, because even if the whole body more than 30 injuries have not been back. You are obstinate, because even swallow their own blood also did not bow. You are proud, because you are the answer to the whole of Philadelphia. he took all-time scoring list No. 17 glory leave, leave with the glory of the fourth scoring, leave with the glory of the 10 time all star, left with 79 times, scored 40 +, leave with a session of the regular season MVP, with tears of countless fans eyes in the face of the heart, dark ran away. Walk into history. Since then, there is no total champion superstar, and more than a name. if you are not an AI, please do not arbitrarily evaluation Iverson, not you do not deserve, is that you do not understand. You is not moxa honey, you can't understand a boy to Allen Iverson Jersey being stabbed criminals; you is not moxa honey, you don't understand our loyalty; you're not Amy, you will never understand the limits of a man, you is not moxa honey, you will never understand why so many people choice 3. You is not moxa honey, you never experience not to proud of what we have... Said so much, or a back answer bring us few dunk picture. /〉Nike basketball releases FLIP THE SWITCH series 2017-04-13 14:19:28 is about to ignite the flames of war to the playoffs, including four pair of boots series will be available in May. With the heat of the playoffs rising, Nike basketball FLIP THE SWITCH series, with its unique gradient texture and broken Nike logo, shows the intense tension in the playoffs . The four signature shoes were James · Lebron (LeBron James), Kevin · Durant (Kevin Durant), Kaili · Erwin (Kyrie Irving), Paul · George (Paul George) tailored, both with a unified style elements, but also include their respective characteristics of the one and only and help them to attack the championship. LEBRON 14 designed for James's explosive style of play, LEBRON 14 uses black and white matching uppers and a visual Zoom Air air cushion unit, providing an excellent cushioning system for the four MVP and three championship winners. KD9 ELITE Kevin · Durant wants Jinzhou to win the gold cup, so his KD9 ELITE with mixed color gray Flyknit Zoom Air in upper air cushion unit full palm on the bottom of the gradient in the collocation of gold. KYRIE 3 in the seventh game of last year's finals, Erwin helped Cleveland win the first championship with a key three pointer. The good point guard for this year's playoff to do the same for him a pair of dark grey KYRIE 3 with blue violet outsole and dazzling independent grip module. PG1 PG1 has sparked a wave of public opinion both at home and abroad since its first release in January, . In the bottom of deep gray PG1 George collocation bright forefoot bandage and gradient. contains four pair of boots FL〉