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away kit has a vibrant blue theme, the shirt in innovation and design details and Home Jersey keep consistent. The difference is that, this shirt sleeve and back above the shallow blue, with the main color complementary. The back light blue socks away the Nassau blue line collocation pattern. AeroSwift Vapor kit was by far the most advanced technology of Nike shirt. Compared with the previous style Jersey weight by 10%, elasticity increased by 50%. New Jersey with high performance new yarn, the wicking speed is increased by 20% compared with the previous, fast drying rate increased by 25%. In addition, in the shirt and shorts, the new style of weaving will be a combination of single and double woven, improve the permeability, flexibility and comfort. in the design of Nike will continue to be the first in the design of environmental protection in the first place, with the production of recycled polyester Jersey, but also to ensure that the Jersey has unparalleled performance advantages as well as the impact on the environment. each shirt - includes a jacket, shorts and socks are made from recycled plastic, these plastic source in recycled plastic bottles, the degradation of these raw materials to produce a good yarn to constitute the fabric of the shirt body. each Jersey average 16 recycled plastic bottles. From the beginning of 2010, Nike has been recycling nearly 3 billion from the landfill recycling of waste plastic bottles -- enough to fill 5200 football fields. Source: FBL0.jpg (664.65 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-9 upload at 10:15 this year into the brand was established 110 years New Balance in terms of trend never stop, continue to inject new vitality into the classic shoes. 2016 c cheap air jordans oincides with its classic 580 shoes, born 20th anniversary, New Balance MRT580 this season with a new process again classic structure, with "gradient jacquard" technique as the starting point for the New Balance MT580 put on a new coat, fashion color into New Balance iconic shoes, rewrite the streets of the popular elements. 1.jpg (95.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-9 upload at 10:15 2.jpg (282.4 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-9 upload at 10:15 3.jpg (319.65 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-9 upload at 10:15 4.jpg (314.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016〉The sneakers 2010-5-15 14:20 editor nike-kobe-aston-martin-event-staples-blackmamba24-01.jpg (113.56 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-15 14:20 upload Aston Martin x Nike Kobe nike-kobe-aston-martin-event-staples-blackmamba24-02.jpg (109.64 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-15 14:20 upload nike-kobe-aston-martin-event-staples-blackmamba24-03.jpg (103.44 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-15 14:20 upload nike-kobe-aston-martin-event-staples-blackmamba24-04.jpg (96.63 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-15 14:20 upload nike-kobe-aston-martin-event-staples-blackmamba24-05.jpg (112.78 KB, the mature wind has been chasing people, once young consumers have become more mature young people, a pair of simple leather shoes has become an important part of their daily wear required. Dr.Martens new ARIEN Dr.Martens new ARIENThe new Dr.Martens ARIE Cheap foamposites for sale N and Martin, the launch of this will meet those rebellious youth, although itself is still shoes shoes, but the color is more interesting, pink shoes embellishment make no serious feelings, but more increase is a lively jump. Need a simple but interesting Fangu boys, don't miss this pair of Martin. Dr.Martens new ARIEN Dr.Martens new ARIEN this pair of shoes launched by UNDFTD x Converse has not yet been officially set for the specific date of sale; however, details of the photos have been posted on the network. Miss Poorman's friends, and don't miss the double high Chuck Taylor anymore. Chuck Taylor used to help this pair of dark blue color, blue charm and confusion fully unfolded, with deep blue color makes the shoe under the sun light reflection in silver, people do not feel this pair of shoes the silky feeling, bring out the color design the different. Vamp also differs from the shoe line of former high shoe, make a person feel very comfortable and harmonious, do not have the feeling of massiness of general tall help. Also, these shoes bring a touch of coolness in the summer. brand last year released a lot of Nike Air Max 93 year color, and this year Nike Sportswear will this retro running shoes along some appearance change. So be on sale in the mesh version of the upper air max 93, classic shoe type remains the same, vamp material is selected suede and mesh combined with enhanced shoes breathable performance. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not sto Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale p! source: mitainternational famous brand "Nike" sneakers in the world there are 38 designated production enterprises, including two in Jiangxi Province; NBA designated brand "Spalding", the Italian "Guardia Dora" and other well-known brands produced in Nanchang County in recent years ...... , the province actively undertake coastal industrial gradient transfer, the successful introduction of a number of large footwear export enterprises and promote the rapid development of the footwear industry in Jiangxi. It is understood that at present, the province's exports of footwear enterprises reached 32, the annual production of 60 million pairs of shoes, exports 600 million US dollars. As more and more the banner of "Jiangxi made" big shoes word into the United States, EU, Japan, Australia, Canada and other countries and regions, Jiangxi Province has become the world's brand footwear is an important production base. January to July this year, the province's footwear exports $ 280 million, the province exports of the top ten enterprises in the shoe-making enterprises have two. small shoe-making enterprises is different, settled in the province of large shoe clientele are world-class brands, customers are mainly well-known brands such as Nike, beautiful enterprise environment, advanced equipment, testing complete , management practices. The world's largest shoe companies Taiwan's Pou Chen International Group settled on high, set on high Yusheng company. Located in the Town of Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province Yu Guangzhou Footwear Company Limited in October 2007 put into operation, the annual production of 12 million pairs of Nike shoes, all export products. Currently, the two companies have become the designated manufacturer of Nike Cheap foamposites for sale shoes, Nike shoes with an annual output value of 90 million US dollars. In order to facilitate the smooth export of footwear products in our province, Jiangxi SAIECIQ intensify inspection and supervision, on the one hand by the new regulatory model specification production, on the other hand about the timely tracking of foreign footwear technical and regulatory requirements, the regulatory focus to safety, health, environmental, health and other projects transferred to improve the quality of the source enterprise management awareness. Due to stable product quality, increasing the province's footwear exports showed a good momentum of development. Settled in the little blue Industrial Park, Nanchang County in Jiangxi Province Yong Tong Footwear Company Limited in 2006 officially put into operation, inspection and quarantine departments in helping the company focus on product quality, with well-known international shoe brand has established good cooperative relations, products exported more than 60 countries and regions. This year is expected to export 80 million US dollars.Michael Jordan will be in September 11th officially entered the hall of fame, 15 years of occupation career wrote countless brilliant records, in order to celebrate this glorious moment, the classic moment Nike will launch the Jordan Moments Collection series Michael Jordan to let fans of goods. In addition to just exposed clothing series, the following is the launch of Nike Michael Jordan fame commemorative shoes series. Jordan Moments Collection Hall of fame classic reproduction of AJ I - Jordan Moments brilliant record on both sides and above the digital design way to make Michael Jordan 15 years of occupation career. Air Jordan Series in the first ances jordans on sale mens tor, is an unbeaten year, but also the Air Jordan series of color is the largest one. . 1985 NBA official Air Jordan I once thought style is too fancy, banned players wear, but Jordan did not pay much attention to it, instead of wearing the shoes to win the 1985 annual Rookie Award, but also for violating the provisions of the union was fined $5000. . This shoe is the first pair of shoes designed for Michael Jordan Nike in 1984, and also the only Nike Swoosh Logo shoe in all Air Jordan series, for Michael〉Vane and the famous leather brand Sebago, launched Field Exo Boots. This is not the first cooperation between the two brands, the previous joint products have caused no small sensation. The latest shoes with a shoe body design is mixed with senior canvas leather shoes design, and also before a joint product to create a completely different retro feel, the outdoor wind wind and tooling perfect collocation together, Field Exo Boots will continue to use the roll-down design, very interesting the tongue, the Vane LOGO is very eye-catching; the shoes currently available in two colors, need for a variety of occasions. recently; we just bring you a red color of the Air Jordan 3 Air Jordan 3, the rumors will be on sale in October this year, red color. Seems to be accompanied by Air Yeezy identified 2 "Red October" color ring, Sneaker is quietly whipped up a wave of red color. The shoes custom SalFreshSole comes to Air, Yeezy 2 "Red October" as the inspiration, the color into the hot Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 4 to create the "Red October" personal customized version. In addition to the body with red tongue cover, the original Jumpman Logo is Air Yeezy 2 exclusive logo is replaced, and it is worth mentioning that this shoe outsole fo air jordan 11 space jam for sale r luminous material, believe that if the official can also launch this a Air Jordan 4, the popular level be better than Air Yeezy 2 low! this spring, Y-3 has brought a lot of good things for shoe fans. Recently, it has launched a brand new Boost QR. shoes continue the design of Qasa Race and Yohji Boost, and rubber as the main material, and integrate into leather to improve the texture, and then equipped with embedded Adidas innovative Boost technology at the bottom. is currently available at a specialty store. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:HypeBeast] [Chinese shoes network] adidas clover movement's high-end positioning of the brand in the Chinese market increasingly mediocre performance. Recently, Adidas made a sudden decision to franchise clover reverted to its own brand, or Direct brand. And has been quietly put into action. After the reporter exclusive access to the news from the dealer, and from the Chinese company at Adidas were confirmed. recover clover franchise clover formally into the Chinese market, just seven years. "Adidas clover has the right to operate fully recovered, to plan their own stores do." Recently, a Shanghai Adidas dealer told reporters she said. clover series Adidas is a major brand. Adidas now owns the three major series: sport performance series, sports the traditional series and sports fashion series. Where "ADIDAS ORIGINALS" belong to sports tradition series, using clover logo. Shanghai hundred surplus Sports & Leisure Ltd. relevant person in charge confirmed to reporters, Adidas has been recovered clover brand franchise for the company, currently owned by the company in Shanghai clover stores have been converted to other uses, the company hired The sales staff has been placed in other footwear brand store company agent. Shanghai Brilliance profit company founded in 2002, when the Hong Kong listed company Prime Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and Richie, Pauline Lan, ????? and other entertainers set up joint investment company, the official agent in mainland China ADIDAS ORIGINALS limited edition. Not only is Shanghai, the reporter learned from Adidas dealer, including a number of stores clover Hefei, Chengdu and other cities, is also quietly been evacuated. Adidas Market Department official told reporters confirmed that the company indeed recovered from the hands of dealers clover brand franchise. As the company who is responsible for this brand is still in Germany, the company is temporarily unable to answer the other questions raised by reporters clover. Adidas or Direct This time the Direct clover Adidas brand has become clear intent. Dealers said that after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Adidas began for the right to collect action clover brand. Accordance with the prevailing view Adidas insiders, will be fully recovered in 2009 from the outlets, Adidas self-employed sales personnel, trained by the company for its own corporate culture and product knowledge. dealer said, usually after big games, the relevant sports brand sales will quickly enter the downhill period, Adidas should be out of the 2009 performance considerations, its brand strategy to shrink. In addition, seven years after entering the Chinese market, the brand did not get as clover Adidas master brand awareness commensurate market performance is not satisfactory. On the contrary, since counterfeit products in many second and third tier cities clover popular, greatly damaged the brand's image. senior industry experts, general manager of the US UTA Management Group Greater China, Yang Dajun said that despite the company's recent Adidas global investors to produce a beautiful earnings "answer", but can not hide its next few years the company's profitability concerns. In the current global economic environment did not improve in the background, Adidas will likely compress some of it is not yet profitable brand, and the brand to do long-term planning. In his view, this is a very natural strategic adjustment. Thereafter clover outlets will not be the main purpose for profit, but to maintain the continuity of the Chinese market, brand communication, then select the appropriate market opportunities, re-create the brand. Sea Road Consulting Principal Consultant Dai Chunhua believe that nothing less than the following two paths Adidas may currently be selected, one is company-owned, the other is a nationwide distributor company shares in the company is confident of Business to carry out the accurate brand output, and then by the reseller business. clover "Chinese-style" decline Adidas products sold in the domestic series, sports performance series is the most common brand, market positioning is the classic professional sports brand, which also accounted for the vast majority of the company's performance. Clover positioning than athletic performance series is more stylish, more high-end. Another Y3 brand, from the concept of movement, the main fashion, positioned as a luxury family, in the domestic market is more rare. "in dealers 'cottage version of' promotion, the brand awareness of clover in Chinese consumers have become increasingly mediocre." Dai Chunhua said clover this is positioning high-end fashion sports brand, but in the Chinese market, some Dealer grassroots operation mode, making the brand and Adidas master brand differentiation has disappeared. She said the current channel mechanism apparel industry has exposed huge flaws, namely brand operations have already lost sales channel management and supervision systems, the so-called management and supervision methods and means are informative. Therefore, once the inventory pressure slightly, dealers will ignore the needs of the brand price discount. Or to plan to save money, be fit for brands in terms of brand and market requirements sham. At least in the thinking of the majority of dealers, helping to promote their brands, do the brand, not their own work. "under similar brand positioning, clover Why sell ??????? main brand of high 30%, even 50% of the price?" Asked the reporter Yang Dajun. as Adidas, brand communication, service experience is the company's most important. But the dealer's eyes, the product is the sole purpose of profit, short-term discounts, promotions, are based on the purpose as a starting point. And currently most dealers are also the agent seventy-eight brand, expect the dealer to take care of a brand alone, is clearly not realistic. At least so far, interest demands of both sides is difficult to encounter an intersection. "But Adidas has to change." Dai Chunhua said, before rotten hands of dealers in China foreign brands such as Playboy, Valentino, are the Adidas had to face up to the warning. Little information: 1949, the Adidas founder Adi Dassler first registered the three stripes logo. In 1972, Clover brand officially come out, when all Adidas products are in use the symbol. But since 1996, clover logo is specifically used in the classic series Original products.