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conversation Fuga, quick action, a charming demeanor. Nike Magsita Obra football shoes had a lot of color, the latest color seems like the most extraordinary ashes. The latest color harmony into a variety of different colors of the shadow, the perfect interpretation of the "charm" of the theme. beautiful and dissemination of the appearance of fluorescence, let Stadium on each face of the players must strictly guard against, and if it appears on the wall of the exhibition, will attract all the people flocked to the front of it. From the innovative design, it is a work of art, and from the aesthetic effect, it is suitable for different tastes. This pair of football shoes has changed the pattern of the market, it has a high reputation in the world, and it brings a sense of locking is continued in the football field to affect the design of other football shoes. upper 3D stereoscopic pattern is still the focus of the much anticipated, and now this is intended to provide better control effects of the ball pattern was also painted in bright colors. The shoe upper design is actually set off a football shoe design reform, although the beginning of the football shoes, but now has been extended to other product jordans on sale mens s Nike. It is worth noting that the use of bold color and printing effect, let the football shoes once again came to the forefront of creative design. At the foot of the bold design, in the eyes of the shining light. source: Nikethe series includes NSW Melton DESTROYER (PRODUCT) RED, NSW Cheyenne Backpack (PRODUCT) RED and Nike Zoom Meriwether (PRODUCT) RED, designated Nike Sportswear through the global retail sales limited. The release of a series of initiatives is another Nike action appeal against AIDS, the entire project was launched in 2009, aims to help fight AIDS (RED) to fulfill its mission. 0.jpg (208.39 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-13 upload at 15:07 the temperature continues to rise, the ice season has come; sports brand Saucony launched G9 Shadow 5 ice cream color theme, also ushered in the second wave of design for sale. After the small fresh green, this brings vanilla strawberry flavor, pink and red as the tone color. The color scheme will be on sale worldwide in May 15th, and you may wish to see the details from the pictures. 1.jpg (129.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-13 upload at 15:07 2.jpg (143.48 KB buy cheap jordans online , download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-13 upload at 15:07 3.jpg (172.24 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-13 upload at 15:07 4.jpg (200.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-13 upload at 15:07 5.jpg (181.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-5-13 upload at 15:07In addition to the " Black Toe" Air Jordan Retro 1 Hi Jordan Brand also released, the classic OG Black/Red Air Jordan Retro Black/Red Air Jordan 1 The Retro 1 was released on July.24rd MEN SHOES SIZE: EUR41=US8=UK7=26CM, 2013. EUR42=US8.5 =UK7.5=26.5CM EUR43=US9.5=UK8.5=27.5CM EUR44=US10=UK9=28CM EUR45=US11=UK10=29CM EUR46=US12=UK11=30CM EUR47=US13..., following the earlier release of Sock Dart ", Sport Red", and other notes, Nike added another dollar to this year's Independence Day (July 4th) series - LeBron 12, " USA" no note version. The new version of red as the main theme, in the details of the upper part of a five star printing and stripe printing, in addition to the white Swoosh mark and translucent crystal bottom end, American style theme color. The new pair will be launched on June 27th at the major Nike cheap foamposites Basketball retailers, priced at $200, like a friend may wish to refer to. {div〉XTEP power nest 1 running shoes the spring recovery of all things, runners can finally take off the heavy winter clothes on the runway, wanton sweating, tongtongkuaikuai ran on a. Then, the runner should be how to choose a good pair of shoes gallop runway, XTEP brand launched with dynamic nest technology running shoes, with its excellent cushioning experience and high cost, provides a good choice for runners. XTEP 1 equipped with XTEP shoes shoes nest power core technology -- power in the nest, bottom side wall of a beehive fold on the frame can absorb impact force when moving quickly into power, rapid rebound. The bottom of the power nest is made of rebound material, and the elastic rubber liquid is added to the ordinary EVA material to optimize the cushioning and rebound effect, and find the foot experience which is most helpful for the runner to run. XTEP power nest 1 running shoes, big bottom side wall uses a unique honeycomb hexagon structure, running process, honeycomb structure can quickly absorb the impact of movement, feedback for the next step forward power. The greater the force, the stronger the pow cheap air jordans er; in addition, the outsole uses high strength wear-resistant rubber material, escort mileage longer, so that runners run farther. XTEP power Nest 2 running shoes XTEP power Nest 2 running shoes are more concerned with runners' foot support, scaffolding design, and wrapping runners' feet. The honeycomb dynamic support structure is added to the inner part of the shoe to support the running of the runner and protect the feet stably and effectively, and won't hurt because of varus. XTEP power Nest 2 running shoes at the bottom of the structure will slow down and slow down the combination of materials, to enhance the cushioning properties of shoes. The bottom wall of the middle wall forms the honeycomb fold of the frame, absorbs the impact force produced by the sole touching the ground, and further transforms into power to provide safe and effective energy feedback for the runner. XTEP has added special high elastic particles to midsole EVA, which greatly improves the cushioning performance of the material. XTEP power nest 3 running shoes XTEP 3 running shoes with power nest materials whole knitting elastic to create lightweight uppers, into the XTEP exclusive X type texture knitting technology, jordan 3 katrina 2018 three-dimensional structure with foot, has good air permeability, so your feet feel comfortable and breathable, after a long time running is not greasy. On the upper, the X support carries the 4D mesh package, which provides a tight support package for the heel during running, and there is no swing during the run. 's new upgraded double density midsole gives runners a more powerful feel of rebound and more effective protection of the foot force zone of the runner. The central side wall adopts honeycomb fold, which can absorb the impact force of the motion quickly, effectively change into power, rebound quickly, release energy, and provide the double layer power of the movement, so as to form a full range of slow vibration effect. XTEP power nest 3 technology running shoes outsole uses modular, high elastic, dual density cushioning material, and according to movement 〉 2012-2-14 15:21 upload and download the attachment (146.53 KB) AIR JORDAN 10; recently on Chicago launched a fierce offensive color AJ10 series products, eBay is also very suitable to the emergence of AIR JORDAN 10 "History of Flight" series of color samples, white shoes, red lining, red outsole. And the black shoes, the who Retro jordans for sale le series is so, but this pair of AIR JORDAN 10, there is a bright spot, that is the "23 side embroidery shoes". This pair of AIR JORDAN 10 is now priced at $3500USD.Nike Kyrie 1, "WATCH THE THRONE", has recently been exposed on the Internet for Mache, the great God of customization. shoes with Nike LeBron 9 "Watch the Throne" design inspiration, all black shoes collocation blue outsole, details with golden ornament, completely lack the tide of life... and the bright spot lies in the design of the flower pattern of the laces and the inner lining. How can you see it? is in the United States on October 19th earnings of Apple Corp due to its iPhone under the Changhong sales situation also expects its earnings performance will be very bright. While iPhone was warmly welcomed by the market also attracted many well-known companies to develop third party software, which is known as the iPhone App. now, the world's first sports shoes manufacturing Dachang Nike, also officially released to the apple iPhone can operate on the Nike iD App.; can not only easily by the function connection design of 3G, but also a dragon from the design to the checkout to complete the whole procedure of the powerful functi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black on more intimate is also very alarming; but this function is still only to use the Nike iD service, not a pity.recently, there are users who witnessed Jay Chou in the stadium to play ball, and Jay Chou wearing the foot is the children's day during the X Reebok Disney Instapump Fury Cinderella! It is with a childlike old girl heart ah! get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: micro-blog @ we are all shoes control1 to October, the Qingyuan inspection and quarantine inspection, footwear products exported to Guangdong Qingyuan area 8479 batches, the value of $360 million 330 thousand, an increase of 10.9% and 29.9% respectively, the products are mainly exported to the European Union, the United States, Canada and Japan etc.. Since this year, the Qingyuan bureau to increase the enterprise's assistance, supervision mode to adjust the export shoes inspection, inspection work will be moved to the 1 to Octob Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale er, the Qingyuan inspection and quarantine inspection, footwear products exported to Guangdong Qingyuan area 8479 batches, the value of $360 million 330 thousand, an increase of 10.9% and 29.9% respectively, the products are mainly exported to the European Union, the United States, Canada and Japan etc.. Since this year, the Qingyuan bureau to increase the enterprise's assistance, supervision mode to adjust the export shoes inspection, inspection work will be moved to the production process, shorten the inspection and inspection visa; intensify propaganda, through a variety of ways to promptly report the quality information bulletin of footwear export enterprises, to take effective measures to ensure the normal implementation of footwear exports; the extension of the office time of the port and other convenient measures to provide quality services for export enterprises, facilitate the export inspection. (Editor: admin). "the strong stronger and the weak weaker," Matthew effect "is deeply affecting the footwear industry in Quanzhou, which started from survival survey on Jinjiang foreign trade shoe and CCTV, the national Ministry of commerce under the two Quanzhou footwear industry research show. jordans on sale online how to deal with it? The industry has such a saying, Quanzhou shoe industry is currently experiencing their own "adult ceremony", or become a talent, or withdraw from the stage of history. Quanzhou footwear association responsible person believes that many brands of footwear industry in Quanzhou vigorously to the comprehensive development of the sporting goods industry, will inevitably encounter a variety of problems, industrial structure optimization and industrial upgrading will be predictable results. "Anta experience", only Anta has the opportunity to have, the fundamental reason is that the industry status is different, the development stage is far from." last year to this year, raw material prices and other factors of production prices, the appreciation of the RMB, the export tax rebate cut, credit crunch and other adjustments, many Quanzhou shoe enterprises are still experiencing pain, however, have to seize the initiative development to the bulk of their industry, but more confident. in a media forum before the date of the meeting, Anta's chief operating officer Lai Shixian introduced the Anta deal with the adverse factors to the media experience. First of all, because An air jordan 11 space jam for sale ta is a large annual procurement capacity, making its raw material supplier of Anta has a strong bargaining power; even if the material and labor costs rise, Anta through technology, design content rich product line and product line, different products of the corresponding price, consumers can accept; in addition, Anta products 50% left and right from their own factories, through equipment technological upgrading and production management "act tough and talk soft well, control costs. relevant data confirm these claims. At the beginning of this year, Anta released the first performance report after listing, because of labor costs and raw material costs rise, substantial growth in Anta last year's cost, but due to the footwear and apparel products prices were 29% and 15%, Anta still maintained a rising trend in gross margin. And this year, more optimistic estimates, in such a weak market, Anta's sales growth in 2008 will be more than 50%, sales revenue is expected to exceed 4 billion 500 million! SMEs generally reflect the financing difficulties for Anta is not a problem. Through last year's listing in Hongkong, Anta raised more than 3 billion Hong Kong dollars in one year's development funds, through the operation of a year, there are still a lot of cash in hand, you can always seize the opportunity. media wanted to be able to promote the sports industrystruggling sense of shame and then courage to strengthen the country - from my athletes will wear Adidas award felt July 16, Adidas announced their design for the Chinese sports delegation receiving awards . That is, the Chinese athletes in the order of all the people proud of Beijing Olympic Games on the Olympic podium when wearing this body will be the Adidas brand sportswear, Adidas LOGO and even slightly larger than our flag point. From 1992 to 2004 Barcelona Olympic Games in Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation has been receiving awards domestic brand Li Ning. This time, became Adidas, I do not know what to feel, anyway, I feel a little lost, a little sad to be exact! Why are Adidas, Li Ning instead? It is said that when the original sponsor of the Beijing Olympic bid, bid bid limit Li Ning Company determined in accordance with its own power of 10 billion, while Adidas last bid is 1.3 billion yuan In the final analysis, is ????????????more money. But the 300 million yuan to deprive almost all athletes lifetime opportunity only time dressed in the country to receive Olympic medal when China brand clothing! ! ! In this time of great excitement for all Chinese people, we see in the TV screen in the Adidas and Chinese Olympic Committee LOGO standing shoulder to shoulder! I do not know the rules of the IOC bidding is not that the highest bidder, do not know the IOC has considered the feelings of the people. I think, if less money these three million Li Ning the opportunity to leave, we would not feel so bad. But I also expressed understanding for the result, after all, is the result of business competition, we must respect the rules of the game. In fact, this Adidas sportswear is the designer, but also domestic production. It makes me could not help but think of an analogy of the relationship between brands and manufacturers brand Ai Feng Chairman of China Industrial Alliance we speak. Ai Feng Chairman said that there are three ways to write articles, the first one is to write their own articles published in their own name; the second is the (global brand network) to write their own articles published by someone else's name, this is the way the secretary; The third article is written by someone else, with his name published, it is the head of the way. Also it has such a similar relationship between brands and manufacturers. The Adidas is when a "directorate" to let others "writing", with his name published. Which with our many domestic enterprises are accustomed to when the "secretary" in a way that is different. One taste, unspeakable. Li Ning lost the bid receiving awards, although this matter let us depressed, but not too serious thing, only we have so many companies do not have their own brand, also to foreign companies when the "secretary", which It is a big problem. A lot of people miss the Li Ning's "Chinese Dragon", while the Olympics can not wear Li Ning, the Chinese athletes to accept the award, and how do we do? I take it for granted that more support lining. By extension, we should do more to support their own brands, so that their own brands to grow up faster, at an important moment not like Li Ning regret. for domestic enterprises should strive to build its own brand, do not always give foreign companies as "secretary", to make it a little hard-earned money; for independent brands, should also learn to Adidas, for when the "heads", the integration of global resources for our use.